Canberra’s home of dance with a Latin flavour

Fill your life with passion and joy.. fall in love at Salsabor

Welcome to Salsabor!

If friendship, community, passion and technique are important to you, then you will love learning to dance with Salsabor Dance Company in Canberra. Since first offering classes in 2005 and then opening our first studio in 2010, we have grown to provide the widest range of dance styles in Canberra from Salsa, Brazilian Samba and Bachata through to Zouk and Burlesque.

With a vision to have everyone in Canberra dancing, the passion of our instructors and our open approach to teaching shines through in all of our classes and events.

As a beginner taking your first steps, we will have you dancing with confidence in any social setting and even performing, if that is what you desire. And as an experienced dancer, we will help you finesse your dancing with advanced styling techniques.

So if you want to dance with Sabor (flavour) and learn with a school that is passionate and leading the way in its teaching methods, we would love for you to join us.


  • I love Salsabor classes. They are the highlight of my week. I really like the atmosphere and always feel welcome at the studio. The instructors are fantastic and really care about our progress. The socials are also great fun and a good opportunity to make new friends! Can’t wait for next term!

    Sarah Bailey
  • I have had so much fun and wish that I'd started dancing earlier! All of the instructors are incredibly approachable and have a good sense of humour. I feel very comfortable around all of the instructors and feel that they are supportive of me and my willingness to improve.

    Emily Fisher
  • The instructors are awesome! They are not only talented dancers but also excellent at teaching. I never thought our class would get it together for that routine but we made it thanks to Raquel!

    Natalie-Anne Hall
  • All of the instructors were extremely friendly and patient. What a great bunch of teachers you have, Salsabor!

    Ary Phaiyakounh
  • Zumba classes have enabled a sense of camaraderie and friendship between the regulars themselves and Instructors alike. I feel positive energy from like-minded people who are striving for healthy, happy, 'thightrembling' challenges. The Instructors are passionate, happy and down to earth individuals using groovy music to invigorate, inspire and motivate.

    Jo Fairall
  • Going to Salsabor classes is one of the highlights of my week. After a long and painful day at work, it's nice to relax, have fun and dance!

    Justine Bassell
  • All of the instructors are exceptionally easy-going, knowledgeable and friendly. I wish that I'd started dancing so much earlier as I have had so much fun!

    Peta O'Meara
  • Salsabor never fails to greet everyone with a smile and open the hearts of many to the wonderful world of dancing.

    Zoe Wu
  • I think I was always going to love salsa but the enthusiastic atmosphere at Salsabor is contagious.

    Stephanie Lupton