Meet your instructors

At Salsabor, we pride ourselves on having the friendliest, most passionate and technically talented team of instructors to ensure you have the best experience learning to dance with style. 

We can’t wait for you to meet them in class.

In the meantime, you can find out more about us and each of them in the profiles below.

Andrea and Raquel
Salsabor Directors

Meet The Team

  • DSC02067
    Raquel Paez
    Raquel is the founder of Salsabor, and co-Directs the company with her sister, Andrea. She founded Salsabor in 2004, and has proudly grown it to a…
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  • DSC06789
    Andrea Paez
    Andrea is a co-Director with Raquel in Salsabor. Like the rest of the Paez family she grew up with Latin music and dancing. Except that…
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  • ale
    Alejandro Paez
    Alejandro began teaching Salsa at Salsabor at the beginning of 2012, and quickly became a student favourite because of his kind and gentle nature. He is…
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  • DSC06739
    Amanda Chiu
    Amanda became a Salsa instructor with Salsabor in 2010, having taken classes with the school for almost two years. She has great enthusiasm for teaching students amongst the…
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  • DSC06745
    Amy Walker
    Amy is a passionate Salsa instructor with Salsabor. She says “Dance is my passion and absolute obsession. I am so excited to help spread the love…
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  • DSC06713
    Ary Phaiyakounh
    Ary started out as an enthusiastic student in 2012, trying Salsa, Zouk, Bachata, Burlesque and most of the other styles Salsabor offered. She has stuck…
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  • DSC01873
    Ben Brillante
    Ben has been performing and teaching with Salsabor since 2006, and is currently a Bachata instructor with the company. Ben’s enthusiasm and talent has earned him…
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  • DSC06684
    Eva Li
    From her very first class at Salsabor, Eva was hooked. Not only is she a passionate Salsa and Bachata instructor, she admires all creative arts…
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  • DSC06727
    Hamed Sarbazhosseini
    Hamed started out as a student at Salsabor, soon becoming one of the most dedicated and vocal instructors. He became involved with the Latin Dance…
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  • jase
    Jason Tabiolo
    Jason is the lead Bachata instructor with Salsabor, and brings a wealth of experience and talent to his students, teaching them the latest technique, moves and…
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  • DSC01826
    Juan Pablo Blanc
    Juan Pablo, or JP, is a salsa instructor with Salsabor. JP is known for his great advice to his students including, “Practice. Make sure you go out…
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  • DSC01955
    Katrina Kennedy
    Katrina started out as a classically trained ballerina, tap and jazz dancer before being introduced to the world of Latin Dancing. Andrea encouraged Katrina to…
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  • DSC01855
    Bo Djikic
    Bo began her Latin Dance journey back in 2006 with Reggaeton. Since then she has become a Salsa and Bachata advocate-teaching both at Salsabor after…
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  • Emily_Edited
    Emily Dibden
    There is no realm of dancing that Emily has not explored. Beginning at the tender age of seven, she has excelled at Irish dancing, classical…
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  • DSC01798
    Amit Arora
    “Zouk is more than a process of dancing or a language. It is an ongoing reminder to focus our attention on the flow between yourself…
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  • DSC01895
    Megan Aponte-Payne
    Megan has been engaged with all things Samba for many years. She has danced it for over 5 years, speaks both Spanish and Portuguese, and…
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  • DSC06704
    Aditi Razdan
    Aditi is one of Salsabor’s welcoming receptionists. She is a uni student and would love to say she’s constantly doing new and exciting things… but…
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  • DSC01912
    Adam Brow
    Originally from Adelaide, I followed the love of my life to Canberra in 2009. Moving to a different place can be difficult; but since starting…
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  • DSC01942
    Jasmine Martens
    The wonderful Jasmine is a recent addition to the Salsabor teaching familia! She joined as a novice dancer in October 2014, and quickly progressed through…
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  • DSC06730
    Andrea Flores
    Andrea is one of the friendly faces you will see at the reception desk. Originally from Peru, she is passionate about Latin music and dancing,…
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  • DCP_8405
    Claire Park
    Claire is excited to be part of the Salsabor Family. She brings with her years of experience as a teacher and small business owner and…
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  • jac
    Jacqueline Howman
    Info coming soon..
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