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An unforgettable weekend of dancing at the bay

Sunday Beach Party

Combine sand, sun and the sea and you know you’ll have a good time. Throw in Latin dance and spicy beats and you’ll have an event to remember. That’s what Dancing at the Bay is all about and it’s coming up on the weekend of 24 November to 26 November and you’re all invited. Over a weekend, you…

Dancing is a part of me, I can’t stop!


The art of dance is a huge part of our lives at Salsabor. We’d also like to think that through teaching what we love, we can make a huge difference in the lives of others. “I’m shy and I was even shyer before I started dancing,” says student Ilenia. “It takes time for me to open…

Meet Salsabor’s New Studio Manager, Bernadette

Meet Salsabor's new office manager, Bernadette

Sometimes taking a chance is what brings an exciting opportunity your way. You put yourself out there and then voila, there it is. We love when this happens and loved finding out that this is exactly what happened to our new studio manager, Bernadette. “It came by chance,” Bernadette said. “Originally I started working at…

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