Aditi Razdan

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Aditi is one of Salsabor’s welcoming receptionists. She is a uni student and would love to say she’s constantly doing new and exciting things… but life mostly revolves around study, food and college. In her free time she likes to engage in social activism, plan the next backpacking trip, and she absolutely loves to write.

She loves the diversity of those who come through the door at Salsabor: uni students, parents, couples, somehow all blending to create the unique and warm environment that is Salsabor. Aditi said “Salsabor is more than a job-its a community that has welcomed me in, in a way that I haven’t experienced in my years as a teenager in the part-time workforce.”

People may not know that Aditi is studying Laws/Asian Studies at ANU, with a particular interest in the intersection of culture and gender in the Asian region.