Alejandro Paez

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Alejandro began teaching Salsa at Salsabor at the beginning of 2012, and quickly became a student favourite because of his kind and gentle nature. He is also a very talented performer and has performed at many ACT and interstate events, usually averaging three different performances a night.

Ale was born and grew up in a small town in NSW. He has always been interested in dance but it wasn’t until he moved to Canberra that he started classes. His first salsa class was at King O’Malley’s with his sister and Salsabor Director, Raquel Paez. After each and every class he felt more confident with his dancing, so much so that after only a month of classes he attended the biggest salsa event in Australia and fell absolutely in love with salsa, the music, the bands and the people.

Ale says ‘the great thing about Latin dancing is the fact that everyone wants to dance, have fun and socialise’.

Ale has recently moved to Melbourne, and now teaches for Salsabor there with his fiance Justina. He can’t wait can’t wait to share his passion of dance with you.