Bo Djikic

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Bo began her Latin Dance journey back in 2006 with Reggaeton. Since then she has become a Salsa and Bachata advocate-teaching both at Salsabor after beginning as a regular student as many instructors do. However, she is still known as the ‘Reggaeton Queen’ because of her mastery of the style.

Bo’s was also inspired to become engaged in Salsa On2 and ChaCha, after performing at the New York Salsa Congress in 2010 with the Salsabor team. Her journey continued when she was invited to teach and perform at the New Zealand Bachata Festival with Canberra’s own Bachata guru, Ben Brilliante. She also assisted in teaching and choreographing the Bachata Con Sabor performance team for the International Bachata Festival and the Australian Bachata Championships.

She continues to extend her knowledge of Latin dance by taking every opportunity to learn from renowned international and interstate dancers, many of whom teach and perform with Salsabor.