Carolina Blanc

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Carolina was born in Uruguay and with only 9 months moved to Barcelona, Spain. She lived in Spain for 12 years and moved to Australia after that. She started to dance basically when she started walking. When she was living in Spain she went to learn Sevillanas, which is a part of Flamenco. When she moved to Australia, she continued her passion of dancing with Classical Flamenco, Sevillanas, Jotas and other styles of dancing including belly dancing, Samba, ballroom and contemporary, bachata and Zouk as well.

Whilst studying Flamenco in Australia, she performed in various locations in Canberra and in Sydney.

She also competed and choreographed in the rocksteadfod in high school and college where in both occasions her school come second. She also studied dance in college for a year. She started teaching dancing classes at a very young age, starting with contemporary with adults and children; and them moving on to Sevillanas with children.

She has also done a lot of spiritual dancing, like chakra dancing and percussion. She then moved to Salsa when Juan Pablo (JP) Blanc, her brother started dancing salsa and never looked back. She now helps her brother with the business and she is co-director of the school.