Hamed Sarbazhosseini

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Hamed started out as a student at Salsabor, soon becoming one of the most dedicated and vocal instructors. He became involved with the Latin Dance scene to meet new people, gain new skills and challenge himself. However, it turned out to be so much more than this, the choice ignited a passion for Bachata and Salsa. He immersed himself in the dance culture and has recently begun performing with Salsabor.

Born in Iran, Hamed moved to Australia in 2008 to further his education with a goal of eventually completing his PhD in Project Portfolio Management. Hamed has found dancing a nice way to balance his study and work life (he is currently a university tutor) and believes that dancing helps him to stay fit and grow other qualities such as leadership and social skills.

Hamed enjoys the diverse and friendly group of people he has met during his dance journey. He believes that dance can bring people from all different cultures and backgrounds together for one common purpose, which is to have fun and express themselves through body movement. Hamed finds the PhD life busy and demanding at times but has made a commitment to continuously improving his dancing.