Jasmine Martens

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The wonderful Jasmine is a recent addition to the Salsabor teaching familia! She joined as a novice dancer in October 2014, and quickly progressed through Bachata and Salsa. The passion and motivation from the instructors was infectious- so much so that she has now become one herself.

Jasmine feels ‘excited to be teaching Salsa Level 1 and Beginner Bachata with the most wonderful dance school in Canberra. It is an absolute privilege to be able to teach at Salsabor and I love teaching because at the end of the day, it just feels so rewarding to be able to share my passion and knowledge for dancing with my students. The excitement of mastering a move that can be seen in the faces of my students is just priceless and it sends me home with a smile and a sense of satisfaction.’

Jasmine’s passion extends beyond dance, as she is an active community member. She has been volunteering for the Rural Fire Service in NSW since 2011.