Juan Pablo Blanc

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Juan Pablo became the new studio director in 2018. He was born in Spain and has grown up listening to Latin music. During his youth he spent his time playing soccer and learning martial arts. In 2007 he was watching “So You Think You Can Dance” which reminded him of a movie called Salsa the Motion Picture, that inspired him to take up salsa classes.

He is known for his great advice to his students including, “Practice. Make sure you go out social dancing, because coming to class and not going social dancing is like going to a cooking class and never cooking what you have learnt.”

After dancing for a while, JP realised it was far more interesting than anything else. Even dribbling a soccer ball past an opponent to shoot a goal wasn’t as fun as learning to properly spin a lady multiple times. Before he knew it dancing was taking up his whole week, and everything else didn’t matter.