Kat Senger

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Kat started dancing at Salsabor in 2013 and was hooked! She started with salsa, and not long after her passion for dance grew and she feel in love with Bachata and Zouk. She competed for 2 years in the amateur bachata couples division of the Australian Latin Dance Championships and is currently preparing for her first shines routine.

She’s had the opportunity to perform with multiple teams, both in Bachata and Zouk at several festivals across the country. In 2016 she followed her love for sensual bachata all the way to Spain to learn from the inventors Korke and Judith themselves. Overall Kat has had the opportunity to work closely and learn from Australia’s best dancers and is extremely passionate about teaching what she learned. Kat started teaching at Salsabor in January 2017 and loves to share her love of sensual bachata with her students. 

Kat says “I love how dance makes me feel and the connection you can experience with people. Dancing is the one thing in my life that makes me happy without a doubt. I also love how it opened up the world to me, makes me travel, challenge myself and encourages me to always work towards becoming a better dancer, teacher and person. In dance I found my second passion!”

When Kat isn’t dancing she is managing her Occupational Therapy practice, that specialises working with young children with severe developmental delays and disabilities – her first passion. 

Make sure you ask this lady for a dance at the next Latin Tuesday and he sure to join her in class.