Maeve McGregor

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Maeve has been dancing since she discovered at age 9 that dance was a legitimate way to make herself the centre of attention. Beginning with jazz, she has since experimented with many different styles and has found that movement and music are the perfect means of personal expression. She firmly believes that every dance tells a story, and she loves to be the teller.

Maeve stepped into the Latin dance scene in 2011 and quickly became addicted, finding a wonderful community and a whole new way to connect with people. Her favourite styles are Zouk and Bachata, and since joining the Salsabor team she has taught both with enthusiasm and passion. She performs and teaches at Australian festivals throughout the year.

Outside of dance, Maeve is training to be a Secondary Science teacher. She hopes to bring her adoration of astrophysics and molecular biology to a whole new generation of young people.