Sarah Bailey

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Self-professed crazy cat lady and dance movie tragic, Sarah began dancing salsa at Salsabor in October 2014 after seeing a salsa performance at the Multicultural Festival. She quickly became hooked on salsa and has since taken classes in bachata, cha cha, samba and zouk. Being able to perform with Bachata con Sabor at the Multicultural Festival where her love of Latin dance began, has been a highlight of her dance journey so far.

Sarah says “it took me a while to work up the courage to learn to dance. After being kicked out of my first and only ballet class as a kid, my ‘dance confidence’ was pretty shattered and i thought the ability to dance was something you were either born with or you weren’t. Salsabor definitely changed that perception for me, so for anyone considering giving dance a try, just go for it.

Sarah loves the way dance brings people together and helps them to forget the day’s dramas. “I have made so many awesome friends at Salsabor. As soon as you walk into the studio it it feels like you are with family. All of the stresses from work or elsewhere disappear.

As a former middle school teacher, Sarah loves using her teaching background to share her love of dance with her students. “Seeing students who have never danced before develop their skills and confidence is such a great feeling. I look forward to seeing you in class and out on the social dance floor”.