Stephanie Lupton

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Stephanie was born at a young age. In her primary years, much to her parents’ dismay, she discovered her love of music in the recorder. Subsequently she was given piano lessons at the age of ten (on the proviso she never pick up a recorder again) and still plays today.

During her university years, Stephanie could be found rocking the stage at Transit Bar karaoke nights and burning up the club floors with classic moves like the awkward girl shuffle and the ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ side tap.

Stephanie says ‘I have always loved trying new things. Whether that be touch football, rock climbing, sudoku puzzles or yoyos – I wanna have a go!’. She decided to enrol in her first salsa class with Salsabor in 2014 and took to  dance the exact same way that fish don’t. Fast forward a few years and Stephanie has become an accomplished dancer in salsa, bachata, chacha and zouk.

When asked about her passion for dance she replied ‘Dance has given me a confidence with myself and my body I never thought I’d have. The dance community has also become a second family and I find the open and welcoming attitude displayed by everyone despite ethnicity, age or economic standing truly inspiring’.

Stephanie has competed and performed on numerous occasions but her true love of dance rests on the social dance floor, so make sure to ask her to dance if you see her!