Love + Gratitude 

We are so grateful that we are able to provided a space where our students can embrace their love of latin dance and music in a welcoming community. Read on to see what our students have to say about their experience or check out this video.


“I love Salsabor classes. They are the highlight of my week. I really like the atmosphere and always feel welcome at the studio. The instructors are fantastic and really care about our progress. The socials are also great fun and a good opportunity to make new friends! Can’t wait for next term!” Salsa, bachata, barre attack, Sarah Bailey


“The people at Salsabor are friendly, approachable and passionate dancers and the school hones a positive environment where students are helped and encouraged to develop their skill in dancing whilst having fun. I really enjoyed attending your classes and social events and I can see myself being a part of your school for a very long time.” Melisande Bonto


“Thanks for your courtesy telephone call last Friday to enquire how I’m travelling as a Salsabor student. I’m having plenty of fun. Dance classes are a great way to de-stress after a horrid day at work – they are the highlight of my week!

Thanks for streaming dance music from the website! The Salsabor team is demonstrating strong commitment to seeking out customer feedback, listening carefully and following up on suggestions – your students can tell that you care.” Salsa, Bachata and Samba 2015 student


“Very professional, both instructors and class members were friendly”. Salsa Beginners 1, Sue Horne


“Salsabor have some excellent instructors who have a wealth of knowledge to offer students. They are friendly, fun and always at the socials”.  Bachata advanced, David Reid


“The inclusive nature of the Paez family permeates into the whole teaching structure and is inherited by the students. Lots of genuine affection and care obvious at Salsabor.” Jamieson, Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha


“I had a positive experience because the people were happy and talkative. The dance each lessons were extremely fun to learn and we had a chance to laugh together and meet new people which is nice.” Florie Lafon, Salsa Beginner and Bachata Beginner


“This was my first dance lesson experience of any sort, it was mainly a trail for me but I’m pleased with my progression and I now have a new interest in dance. And I will continue with classes in the following term, maybe even look into another style in the future.” Tim Stamatis, Bachata Beginner


The instructors attention to detail and technique is exceptional! They correct as soon as they see something wrong. It makes it easy to excel with great instructors!” Mae Allen, Salsa Beginner 2


“Dance has helped me grow and mature as a person. My social skills and confidence have improved and I now proudly say – I dance latin”. Kim McIver, Zouk Beginner


“Samba/Latin dancing has become a big part of my life and I’m so glad I found it through Salsabor! Not only is it an amazing place to learn to dance but you end up meeting amazing people. I wouldn’t want to dance anywhere else, here’s to another incredible year at Salsabor!” Bree Blaxland, Samba 


“I’ve been taught excellent teaching by extremely competent & conscientious teachers, who very much inspire & encourage both learning and personal style. But its more than that, its the sence of fun, care & a place your free to be yourself, that makes it more like family. Thank you!” Deb Ashcroft